Latest News from the Parish Council

Latest News - last updated 6th May 2018

Parish Council elections - these took place on Thursday, May 3rd 2018. There were vacancies for eight (8) parish councillors.
The names of the people nominated to stand for this election can be found on the official "Statement of Persons Nominated" form or the "Notice of Poll" both of which can be found by clicking on the appropriate link.

Counting of the ballot papers took place at Banbury on te following day with the results being declared late afternoon but due to a computer glitch the results were not published until Saturday, mid-day.
The results of the election can be found here: Election results. There was a 51.9% turn out of electors.

Next Parish Council Meeting - 9th May 2018, 7.30pm Village Hall
This will be the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council where the newly elected councillors will select the Chair and Vice-Chair of new Parish Council.

Parish Council accounts for 2016/17 have been approved by council and were submitted to the External Auditor in July. These have now been approved without any comments from the auditor. - see Finances

Playing Field Inspection: the play area and the playing field were inspected under the RoSPA scheme in July and the report has now been issued - see link


We've received a number of comments regarding the flying of drones over and around the village with concerns regarding safety and privacy. Advice and information has been obtained from RAF Brize Norton and is summarised in the following document - Flying of Drones around Weston on the Green.

Oxfordshire County Council wish to abolish the current six local and district councils that currently govern Oxfordshire and make it one new council for the whole of Oxfordshire. Not all District councils are in agreement to this idea including Cherwell District Council. The Parish Council do not have a position on this - there is insufficient information avaialble to make a judgement. Any comments on the proposal need to be submitted on-line by 28th February. Further information (from OCC and CDC) can be found in the following documents:
One Oxfordshire - proposals - OCC
Cherwell District Council - statement - CDC

Southfield Farm - Phase 2 Planning Appeal
Cherwell District Council refused to grant planning approval for a development of up to 26 dwellings on land north of Soiuthfield Farm (15/01953/OUT). This was to be Phase 2 of a larger development, the Phase 1 Reserved Matters application having obtained approval earlier this year (up to 20 houses).
The applicant submitted an appeal in Septrmber 2016. This appeal was dismissed by the Inspector on 8th February 2017.
The appeal decision can be accessed here.

Cherwell Local Plan – Partial Review – Oxford’s Unmet Housing Need

In July 2015, the Cherwell Local Plan Part 1 was adopted – this plans for growth to fully meet Cherwell’s development needs for to 2031. In that Plan there is a commitment to work to address the unmet housing need from elsewhere in the county particularly from Oxford City. Cherwell has been asked to consider the addition of another 4,400 homes in addition to the 22,840 already committed to in the Local Plan.

A consultation is on-going to determine the most sustainable locations for accommodating housing for Oxford. Landowners and developers were invited to submit sites that potentially accommodate over 100 homes.

The consultation period has been extended to October 10th. To access all the documents visit the Cherwell website:

A number of “Potential Strategic Development Sites” have been identified around Weston on the Green. The map for Weston on the Green with these sites identified looks very similar to the Weston Otmoor Eco-town map of nearly 10 years ago! It shows most of the land to the east of the B430 and stretching up to the A34 and Junction 9 of the M40 as being a potential site for housing. It also includes a plot of land to the west of Newbridge Farm, Bletchingdon Rd.

Site PR11 – Land north of and south of A34/west of M40 Junction 9

Site PR73 – Land near Northampton Road

Site PR82 – Land opposite Ben Jonson Inn

Site PR83 – Land adjoining Caerleon, Northampton Rd (on right of B430 north of village)

Site PR53 – Land adjacent to Heathfield (A34 / Islip-Bletchingdon Rd)

Site PR145 – Land to rear of Kelberg Trailers (opposite airfield) – business use.

Site PR200 – Land adjacent to Newbridge Farm House/Newbridge House, Bletchingdon Rd.