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Last updated 14th September 2020

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle out of Weston on the Green airfield - 14th September 2020

We have been notified that an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), operated by a civilian pilot, will be used out of Weston on the Green airfield on 14th September 2020, 1100-1200 at approximately 400ft.

Charity Flight Weekend Dates

We have been notified that RAFSPA will be operating at Weston on the Green with the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) Charity on the following weekends: 26th-27th September and 3rd-4th October 2020.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle over Weston on the Green - 11th October 2020

A civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operator will be operating a UAV on Friday 11th October 2020 at approximately midday, 1km South of RAF Weston on the Green.

The flight is to take aerial images of the new Southfields development, maximum flight altitude would be 400ft and would require no more than 1 hour to complete the job.

Weston on the Green Airfield - Noise Complaints Update

Weston on the Green RAF Airfield held a meeting with all relevant Weston on the Green and Brize Norton pilots (and air safety personnel) on 7th September 2020, to discuss the noise complaints and what they could do to reduce them.

One of the main problems was a badger issue at the end of the East/West runway which couldn't be dealt with before now because they were in ‘mating’ season. By displacing the threshold of the runway, they are now able to use that runway again; however, that will always be dependent on winds and ac flying requirements. Many conversations were had and map locations and flight lines discussed. All pilots are now keenly aware that they should try to avoid the village and they have stated they will do all in their power to do so – obviously without compromising safety or military requirement.

How to make a flying complaint: Members of the public can submit a flying complaint to RAF Brize Norton by either calling the Duty Operations Controller on 01993 896500 (which is available 365 days a year, 24/7) or by emailing which is monitored during normal working hours. The Communications Officer has 20 working days to respond. It is advised to send the following information: name, full address and postocde, telephone number, date, time and location of the problem, type of aircraft (if known) and a brief description of the complaint.

If the flying complaint is outside RAF Brize Norton Military Air Traffic Zone the complaint will be passed onto the UK Low Flying Complaints and Enquiries Unit (based at RAF Wittering) which can be contacted either via email: or telephone: 01780 417558.

Further information on flying programmes for Weston on the Green airfield can be found on their public facing website -

Planning for Cherwell to 2040 - Public Consultation Period to 14th September 2020

Cherwell District Council has begun work on a new Local Plan for the District called the Cherwell Local Plan 2040.

Cherwell District Council have prepared a Community Involvement Paper which begins to identify the issues the new Local Plan may need to address. The paper does not contain any proposals or policy options, but highlights needs and issues to stimulate discussion and debate, which they are looking for the public to contribute to. You may have a view to share on the long term impacts of COVID-19, housing, employment and the economy, climate change, the future of our town centres, green spaces, recreation, community facilities, biodiversity and the natural environment, our built heritage and many other issues.

The consultation documents are available online at:

Please submit your comments to:

or by post to: Planning Policy Team, Planning Policy, Conservation and Design, Cherwell District Council, Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AA

If anyone has difficulty accessing the documents online, please contact the Planning Policy Team for assistance on 01295 227985 or email

The closing date for comments is 14th September 2020.


North Lane Pond Survey - August 2020

With the lingering COVID situation preventing us from our planned pond maintenance, and the bout of dry weather leaving the fish high and dry until last week, the North Lane pond has been on many people's minds. This seemed a great time to take the views of residents so that the Parish Council can take forward the maintenance of the pond in tandem with the views.

We have pulled together a quick survey, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to answer. You can respond once on behalf of your household, or if you have differing views or perhaps children who want to share their own opinions, they are welcome to respond too.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill in the survey.

To ensure we are compliant with various legalities... data will be held by the Parish Council for the purposes of coming up with a plan for how we manage the pond going forward. It will not be used for other purposes. If you add your name to the list of volunteers to help with the pond, data will be held securely solely for this purpose. If you make specific more detailed suggestion about the pond we may wish to follow this up with you, otherwise all responses will be kept confidential.


How to Apply to go on Cherwell Housing Register - August 2020

The housing register is the waiting list managed by Cherwell District Council to allocate available social housing in Cherwell district. Social housing is designed to be affordable accommodation for households who do not have the resources to buy their own homes or rent privately, or who have specialist housing needs, for example a disability or high support need.

Social housing in Cherwell is owned mainly by Registered Providers, (who used to be called Housing Associations), they work in partnership with Cherwell to let the majority of their homes through the one waiting list.

There is an agreed Allocations Scheme (PDF)to make sure that the same rules are used to assess all applications and having one waiting list makes sure that everyone gets an equal chance to apply for the houses that are available.

Only people with a connection to Cherwell qualify to be on the housing register. If you have not lived in Cherwell 6 out of the last 12 months or 3 out of the last 5 years, you need to provide details of how you meet the criteria.

Further information can be found on the Cherwell District Council website:

All housing register applications need to be made online through the HomeChoice website:

You will need your National Insurance number to complete the registration form. There is a checklist to help you understand what supporting documents you need to provide for the application to be assessed.

If you are unable to access the internet, there are self-service computers sited at all the district offices listed below, to enable you to complete your form on-line. An appointment can then be made if necessary, to upload your supporting documents.

If you require additional support to submit your application please contact 01295 227004.

  • Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AA
  • Exeter Hall, Kidlington, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB
  • Franklin House, Bicester, Wesley Lane, OX26 6JU
  • The Town Centre Office, 43 Castle Quay, Banbury, OX16 5UW

All applications must be fully completed and submitted with all of the required supporting documents.


Land At Southfield Farm New Housing Development, B430 - New Construction Operating Times

The Parish Council have been informed that the developers of the Land at Southfield Farm new housing development, off B430, have been granted extended working hours from Cherwell District Council.

The new working hours, which have been approved for an initial 3 month period (16th July-16th September 2020), are: Monday-Friday 07.00-19.00 and Saturday 08.00-18.00. They will apparently attempt to keep the disturbance to a minimum during the extended hour period.


Virtual Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 2nd September 2020, 7.30pm

The next virtual Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 via Zoom Call.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting via Zoom, should you wish to do so please contact the Clerk ( who will provide the meeting login details.


Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan Update - GREAT NEWS!

This is the news we have been waiting for!! The Neighbourhood Plan has passed the Examination with some modifications which we have agreed to without excessive compromise. Importantly Cherwell District Council's Executive Committee has agreed to accept the document as part of the planning policies considered for planning purposes and approvals. Elections and referenda are all postponed until after May 2021 so we do have a bit of a wait until each villager will have the opportunity to accept or decline this document. However, Central Government has stated that all Neighbourhood Plans which reach this stage must be given 'serious consideration' when planning applications are being considered.

It has been a long road for the Neighbourhood Plan team and the Parish Council. Great thanks is due the core team and advisors. We've also had a great deal of support from Cherwell. For those of you new to our process, our Neighbourhood Plan has had two different examiners because the Parish Council and Cherwell District Council did not support the first examination in two major modifications. We then had to choose a new examiner and go through the process again. He requested new written responses to insightful questions and then requested a virtual hearing where he really drilled down into the core issues of the Plan. Ultimately his report was supportive of the Plan with one exception which we anticipated and so discussed with WF2, the group which specifically was brought together to protect the schoolfield. Thanks to their excellent research and professional knowledge, we gathered together the basis of the argument which saw one of our policies protected.

So, while A levels and GCSEs were cancelled and many were reading interesting books and having fun Zoom meetings, a few of us were grilled under examination and prepared as for a dreaded examination. Thank goodness it is over for now!

The statement by Cherwell District Council and the Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2031 (with tracked changes) can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan website:

Once the final copy of the Plan is completed we will print a few hard copies and also post it for your personal use when preparing a planning application for modifications to an existing home or plan for new builds in the parish.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Parish Council or me personally with any questions you may have.

Kind Regards



Weston on the Green Playground Re-opening - 4th July 2020

The playground was re-opened on 4th July 2020. Please follow Government guidelines as detailed below and on the entrances to the playground; a full risk assessment was undertaken prior to re-opening.

Please follow existing Government Covid-19 Guidance - if you feel unwell please go home.

  • You are advised to clean playground equipment before and after use.
  • Please wash hands or use hand sanitiser before and after using the play area.
  • Please stay at least 2 metres from another person who is not part of your household. If this is not possible 1 metre apart plus risk mitigations.
  • Please cough or sneeze into a tissue or arm. Avoid touching your face, putting your hands in your mouth and putting your mouth on the equipment.
  • Please dispose of litter in the bins provided or please take your litter home with you.
  • Advise maximum 10 children in playground at one time and if busy please limit to 1 adult/child.
  • Consumption of food or drink in the playground area is not advised.

The Council would like to highlight the need for patience and consideration of all children and adults using the playground during this time. Please report any concerns to the clerk on: or 01869 350282


Track and Trace Scam Information

This is a new scam that tries to convince people that they have been in contact with someone who has been tested positive, pretending to be NHS Track and Trace. They then either ask for money to send them a test, or try to get hold of their personal details.

Real contact tracers will:

  • Call you from 0300 013 5000
  • Send you text messages from ‘NHS’
  • Ask you to sign into the NHS test and trace contact-tracing website

Real contact tracers will never:

  • Ask you to dial a premium rate number (for example, those starting 09 or 087)
  • Ask you to make any form of payment or purchase a product or any kind
  • Ask for any details about your bank account
  • Ask for your social media identities or login details, or those of your contacts


Message from Oxfordshire County Council Requesting No Bonfires During Coronavirus Pandemic

Please do not light garden fires during the current coronavirus pandemic. The Household Waste Recycling Centres are closed for the time being and we need you to hold material for now.

As well as the danger of the fire spreading uncontrollably, there are people in the community living with serious respiratory problems, which could be made much worse if the sufferer is exposed to smoke from bonfires.

Instead please compost your garden waste where possible, and stack or bag up rubbish for disposal when the current emergency is over.


Coronavirus Information

For all the latest information and advice please visit the following websites:

Government website - Public Health England:


Cherwell District Council:

Oxfordshire County Council:

Playground Closure Notice - 24th March 2020

Following the latest Government instructions the Parish Council is under instruction to sadly close the playground; please note safety checks will not be carried out during this time.

The toys at the spinney have also been removed and will be fully cleaned before being replaced when advised to do so.

Please note the Parish Council's insurance is invalid if people play on the closed playground.

As soon as we receive further guidelines we will review the situation.

Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation during these difficult times.

Please see the attached photos to prove the playground has been officially closed by the Parish Council.

Request for Help

If you are aware of anyone who may need some help or if you require support please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk (Jane Mullane) on: or phone/text her on 01869 350282 / 07775 994198

If you prefer to fill in a form please see the link here: Request for Help Form

Volunteer to Help

If you are able to offer any form of help please either fill in the form: Volunteer Form

or email the Clerk on: or phone/text her on 01869 350282 / 07775 994198


Transport Advisory Group - Public Transport Survey 2020

The Transport Advisory Group is trying to work out who needs public transport in the village and what they need it for. To help us with this we would ask that you and everyone aged 15+ in your house answers a few quick questions.

To make this easy we have three ways to do this:

  • Online Form: use a phone, tablet or PC (also on the WOTG facebook page)
  • Telephone: call Graham Barnett on 01869 350707 and he will help you fill in the form
  • On Paper: copies are available at the Weston Pantry village shop

Telling us you don’t have a need is just as important as telling us you have one. If you know someone who is in need of transport please help them by helping us - even if your need is non-existent!

Please email: to request a link to the online form, a phone call or a paper copy delivered to your door. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks for your support.


Great Wolf Resorts Application - 19/02550/F - Objection Letters still being accepted by Cherwell District Council

Letters of objection can still be submitted to Cherwell District Council up until the planning committee sits, which is estimated to be around mid-end March 2020.

If you were disappointed to have missed the deadline and wish to submit a letter please do not hesitate to still go ahead and send one off.

As the planning department have had an influx of letters over the last month it will take them some time to add letters to the planning portal so please don't worry if they do not appear immediately. If you also send them to the clerk ( she will ensure that they are not missed off the portal.

Many thanks to all those residents who have submitted letters, it really makes a difference to a successful fight of this application.

The application by Great Wolf Resorts to redevelop 9 holes of the Bicester Golf Club in Chesterton has been submitted and can be viewed on the Cherwell District Council Planning Portal by searching for reference number 19/02550/F at

Many thanks to the villagers who attended the village meeting on 2nd December where the Parish Council highlighted the key concerns to Weston on the Green by the development which included unsustainability, landscape impact, traffic impact, lack of economic benefits for Cherwell and the local area, design, loss of sports facility, lack of consultation, ecological impact and air/noise pollution/water table.

The Parish Council are hoping for a high number of objection letters from the village to lend weight to our concerns. If you are able to help it would be very much appreciated and if there are several adults in the home perhaps each one could sign and upload a letter. If you want to also copy the clerk ( in for the record she will also ensure that it is uploaded against the application.

If you wish to send a letter of objection to the application please click on: Great Wolf Resorts Objection Letter - Prompt Sheet which will provide information on the key areas of objection and how to submit a comment directly onto the Cherwell Planning Portal.

Examples of some objection letters can also be viewed by clicking here.

If you would like any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Parish Council, Diane Bohm on or 01869 352006.

Thank you for your support.


Parish Council Noticeboards

If you would like to place a poster in either the new planter noticeboards or on the traditional noticeboard on Church Road please contact the clerk on:

The new planter noticeboards will be used to advertise village meetings and events or general village messages eg. Neighbourhood Watch, Great Wolf Resorts. All members of the village are very welcome to use them, please check with the clerk prior to posting anything up - they fit a waterproof A1 poster, which you would be required to provide.


Burglary in the Village - 4th November 2019

Unfortunately there has been a burglary on a house in Weston on the Green on 4th November 2019. The Police have been informed and they reported it appears the burglars were interested in Audi cars and jewellery.

There was also a burglary in Banbury on 30th October 2019, in the middle of the day, where a large amount of jewellery was stolen. At about this time a male was knocking on doors of surrounding neighbours offering to clean drive ways and handing out leaflets. Whilst this may be unrelated the Police are keen to talk to door to door tradespeople who were in the area at that time.

There is a poster (PDF) from Oxfordshire Trading Standards and Thames Valley Police which you can place in your window to help prevent cold callers.

Please be vigilant and if you wish to report a crime or have any concerns that do not require an emergency response please contact the Police's non emergency number on 101.

If you don't want to speak directly to the Police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 08000 555 111.

If it is an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress or when someone suspected of a crime is nearby, please call 999 for immediate assistance.

For more advice on how to keep your home safe please visit the Thames Valley Police website:

Further information can also be found Thames Valley Police's 'Home Security Guide (PDF)'.


Great Wolf Resorts Potential Development in Chesterton

Background:There are redevelopment proposals by Great Wolf Resorts (USA) for a Family Waterpark and Hotel Resort on nine-holes of the golf course of Bicester Hotel, Golf & Spa in Chesterton.

Chesterton Parish Council understand that Great Wolf Resorts will potentially lodge a formal application with Cherwell District Council during October 2019.

Weston on the Green Parish Council are currently working together with Chesterton Parish Council as part of the Joint Parish Initiative. Further information and advice will be provided to the village once an application has been submitted.

Car Stickers are now available to purchase in the shop for £2.50 each. Proceeds will go directly to Chesterton Parish Council's Fighting Fund to cover the costs of more visible merchandising eg. banners, posters.

For further information please visit the following sites:

Twitter: @StopthewolfUK

Facebook: Stop the Wolf UK (public group)


To view the boards from the first Great Wolf Resorts exhibition please click here (PDF).


Kidlington and District Community Forum

The Kidlington & District Community Forum work with the police to raise issues of concern, develop local community projects, give advice and raise awareness through sharing information.

If you are interested in joining the forum please email the group at: KidlingtonNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.ukor go to:

The next meeting will be held on 19th February 2020, 19.15 at Thames Valley Police HQ South on Oxford Road, Kidlington.


Weston-on-the-Green seeks new Parish Councillors

The Parish Council is looking for two new councillors. This is a great opportunity to get involved and help us make the right decisions for the Parish and have some fun at the same time. It is not all hard work and minutes, even though that makes up the core of the responsibilities. We also embrace a glass of wine at the Annual meeting, regularly provide coffee and biscuits at the PC meetings (thanks to Diane's generosity) and have a few laughs doing some of the more practical jobs.

We are all committed to ensuring Weston has a bright future and to fend off threats where they arise.

If you are interested to stand, please come and talk to one of us - we are also keen to get some of the younger or newer residents involved. The Council should have broad representation from the village.

You can email the Clerk (, the Chair ( or the Vice-Chair ( or come along and talk to us at the next Parish Council meeting on 4th September, 7.30pm in the village hall.


Oxfordshire Plan 2050

The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 is one of the commitments made by the six Oxfordshire authorities as part of the £215m Housing & Growth Deal, which will help deliver greatly needed new homes, including affordable and social housing, and infrastructure to the county.

The Plan will ask residents about what is important to them for the future. It will then examine the different levels of aspiration in order to achieve some, lots or all of these things, and the housing and infrastructure needed for each scenario.

By having all six authorities involved, the Plan will be able to collectively consider the needs of the county and align its strategies so that future housing and infrastructure is more joined up.

The Plan will not allocate sites for housing or employment. Instead, it will identify key areas for sustainable growth with associated housing / employment numbers. Districts will then use this to produce future Local Plans which will provide a detailed view of how housing and infrastructure will be delivered.

For more details please visit:

Keeping roads and paths clear in cold weather

As the eagle eyed residents of the village will have now noticed, there is a new salt bin at the end of Westlands Avenue. This brings our total of salt bins in the village to three.

They have been placed at key locations where there is a volume of traffic that intersects at a busy junction, often with poor visibility.

The bins are there for residents to use to make the roads and pathways near their homes clear of snow and ice. Please use them!

If you feel your salt bin needs refilling, please contact the Clerk at