Neighbourhood Plan

Weston on the Green Final 'Made' Neighbourhood Plan - May 2021

At a Council meeting on 19 May 2021 Cherwell District Council resolved that the Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan be 'made'. The Neighbourhood Plan will be used to help decide planning applications in the Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan area. The final ‘made’ Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan is below.

Weston-on-the-Green Neighbourhood Plan Made Version 19 May 2021

Weston on the Green Regulation 19 Decision Statement May 2021

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - Result Is In!

The Parish Council is delighted to share the news that the Referendum results are in with those voting Yes 199 and No 18.

This is a tremendous affirmation of the value of the plan and all the hard work that has gone into to creating it. Thank you from all the team for voting and for the vast majority of you who support the Plan.

The full Neighbourhood Plan document can be found at: Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan Final Referendum Version.

March 2021 - Neighbourhood Plan Referendum: 6th May 2021

The referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan will be held on 6th May 2021 via voting at the Polling Station run by Cherwell District Council. Covid restrictions and guidance will be adherred to.

There has been so much support at every step of the way for the Neighbourhood Plan – now we need your vote!! The plan will be approved by a majority vote of those who go to the ballot box on 6th May.

Five years in the making with significant challenges along the way. We have identified how we want the village to grow. We have policies about housing, design, biodiversity and the environment. The plan is already being used by Cherwell District Council when making planning decisions but now needs to be formally approved.

If you have moved into the village in the last three years some of the Neighbourhood Plan development will be new to you. We encourage you to read it - hard copies are at the back of the church and we also have fifteen copies that we can lend out to individuals. Please contact the clerk if you wish to be provided with a copy.

The full referendum version can be read here: Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan

November 2020 - Referendum Date Announced

The referendum on the Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan will be held on 6th May 2021.

The full Neighbourhood Plan document can be found at: Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan Final Referendum Version.

Update July 2020 - GREAT NEWS! Neighbourhood Plan Passed Examination

This is the news we have been waiting for!! The Neighbourhood Plan has passed the Examination with some modifications which we have agreed to without excessive compromise. Importantly Cherwell District Council's Executive Committee has agreed to accept the document as part of the planning policies considered for planning purposes and approvals. Elections and referenda are all postponed until after May 2021 so we do have a bit of a wait until each villager will have the opportunity to accept or decline this document. However, Central Government has stated that all Neighbourhood Plans which reach this stage must be given 'serious consideration' when planning applications are being considered.

It has been a long road for the Neighbourhood Plan team and the Parish Council. Great thanks is due the core team and advisors. We've also had a great deal of support from Cherwell. For those of you new to our process, our Neighbourhood Plan has had two different examiners because the Parish Council and Cherwell District Council did not support the first examination in two major modifications. We then had to choose a new examiner and go through the process again. He requested new written responses to insightful questions and then requested a virtual hearing where he really drilled down into the core issues of the Plan. Ultimately his report was supportive of the Plan with one exception which we anticipated and so discussed with WF2, the group which specifically was brought together to protect the schoolfield. Thanks to their excellent research and professional knowledge, we gathered together the basis of the argument which saw one of our policies protected.

So, while A levels and GCSEs were cancelled and many were reading interesting books and having fun Zoom meetings, a few of us were grilled under examination and prepared as for a dreaded examination. Thank goodness it is over for now!

The statement by Cherwell District Council and the Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2031 (with tracked changes) can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan website:

Once the final copy of the Plan is completed we will print a few hard copies and also post it for your personal use when preparing a planning application for modifications to an existing home or plan for new builds in the parish.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Parish Council or Diane Bohm ( personally with any questions you may have.

Update May 2020 - Neighbourhood Plan Examination Video Conference Call - 19th May 2020

Following a request from the Examiner a video conference call was held at 10.00am Tuesday 19th May 2020.

The participants invited by the Examiner were representatives from the District Council, Parish Council and Ben Cook, planning consultant from Pegasus (representing Lagan Homes). The purpose of the conference call was to enable the Examiner to explore further the responses received to his Initial Comments.

The proceedings of the hearing can be viewed here: https://youtube/LrUKA2VNtdc

Update - April 2020

The second Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan, following the modifications by Cherwell District Council is currently underway.

Various documents relating to the Examination can be found below:

Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2031 - Initial Comments of the Independent Examiner 23rd March 2020

Parish Council's Response to the Examiners Initial Comments

Cherwell District Council Response to the Examiners Initial Comments

Section 52 Agreement - Schoolfield

Pegasus Group on behalf of Lagan Homes Response to the Examiners Initial Comments

Further Comments from Independent Examiner 30th April 2020

There is a dedicated website for the Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan where all the current information can be accessed -

Update - November 2019

Cherwell District Council and the Parish Council have rejected some of the modifications that the Examiner made for Weston on the Green's Neighbourhood Plan. These are primarily around the policy regarding the School Field. This area of land is precious to the village and so it is important that the Plan is a sound document which will stand the "test" of a planning application.

The new proposed modifications as recommended by Cherwell District Council must have a period of consultation, a re-examination, back to Cherwell DC and its Executive and then to referendum. Although this could seem frustrating in the short term, it is for the best in the long term and so we are asking for your understanding and patience with this delay.

Please find the formal statement from Cherwell District Council and the proposed modifications on the following website:

Background Information

The planning process was initiated by a small group of volunteers who met with the Parish Council Chairman and Parish Clerk in December 2014 to discuss the desire to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Weston-on-the-Green.

The Parish Council agreed to support the formation of a Steering Group, made up of volunteers including Parish Council and non-Parish Council members, to collect information on the current make-up of the village and the key objectives for its future. The Steering Group activities were supported by local funds and later by a grant (Grant NPG-02207) made to the Parish Council from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The Steering Group established its Code of Conduct and appointed key roles of Chair and Treasurer. The Parish Council received reports from the Steering Group, and supported and contributed to the consultation events. The Steering Group ensured that the Plan was transparently a community effort and not driven by the Parish Council alone.

The Steering Group membership is currently as follows:

Diane Bohm – Chair & Parish Councillor

Susan Davis – Parish Councillor

Bob Hessian

Norman Machin

Alex Reid

Yasmin Olcay

Eric Bohm - Treasurer