Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan for Weston on the Green

There is a dedicated website for the Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan -

The planning process was initiated by a small group of volunteers who met with the Parish Council Chairman and Parish Clerk in December 2014 to discuss the desire to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Weston-on-the- Green.

The Parish Council agreed to support the formation of a Steering Group, made up of volunteers including Parish Council and non-Parish Council members, to collect information on the current make-up of the village and the key objectives for its future. The Steering Group activities were supported by local funds and later by a grant (Grant NPG-02207) made to the Parish Council from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The Steering Group established

its Code of Conduct and appointed key roles of Chair and Treasurer. The Parish Council received reports from the Steering Group, and supported and contributed to the consultation events. The Steering Group ensured that the Plan was transparently a community effort and not driven by the Parish Council alone.

The Steering Group membership is currently as follows:

Diane Bohm – Chair & Parish Councillor

Susan Daenke – Parish Councillor

Bob Hessian – Parish Clerk

Norman Machin

Alex Reid

Yasmin Olcay

Eric Bohm - Treasurer