The annual Audit for the year 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 has been completed and approved by the Parish Council. The relevant documents can be viewed below:

2017-2018 Accounts

Annual Return documentation

Annual Statement

Financials overview

Certificate of Exemption

Internal audit review

Notice of conclusion

In line with the revised assurance process for 2017-18 FY year no documentation was received from the External Auditor. The application for exemption was recognised as valid and the year is closed.

2016-2017 Accounts

Annual Return 2017 - as submitted to external auditor for approval

Annual Return 2017 - approved by external auditor

Annual Return 2017 - Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Exercise of Public Rights

Bank reconcilliation

2015-2016 Accounts

Annual Return 2016 - Section 1 - Approved

Annual Return 2016 - Section 2 - Approved

Annual Return - Section 3 - External Auditor Certificate and Report 2016 - Approved

Annual Return - Annual internal audit report - Approved

Notice of Conclusion of Audit - 2016

Financial Statements - Income & Expenditure a/c / Balance Sheet / Bank Reconciliation

Income and Expenditure - Account Ledger

Income and expenditure have been recorded in a hand-written ledger for many years. One of the drawbacks of this type of accounting is that there is only a small opportunity (dependant of the size of the ledger) of giving a detailed breakdown of costs. The 2017-2018 accounts are being produced digitally allowing for a more helpful means of explaining costs - see 2016/17 example below.

2016-17 - Expenditure - Sheet 1

2016-17 - Income - Sheet 1