Parish Council Accounts:

The Annual Audit for the year 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017 has been completed and approved by the Parish Council. It has now been submitted to the external auditor and has been approved - no issues were raised by the auditor. The accounts are now available for inspection by local electors. The relevant documents can be viewed using the links to PDF documents below:

2017 Accounts

Annual Return 2017 - as submitted to external auditor for approval

Annual Return 2017 - approved by external auditor

Annual Return 2017 - Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Exercise of Public Rights

Bank reconcilliation

2016 Accounts

Annual Return 2016 - Section 1 - Approved

Annual Return 2016 - Section 2 - Approved

Annual Return - Section 3 - External Auditor Certificate and Report 2016 - Approved

Annual Return - Annual internal audit report - Approved

Notice of Conclusion of Audit - 2016

Financial Statements - Income & Expenditure a/c / Balance Sheet / Bank Reconciliation

Income and Expenditure - Account Ledger

Income and expenditure have been recorded in a hand-written ledger for many years. One of the drawbacks of this type of accounting is that there is only a small opportunity (dependant of the size of the ledger) of giving a detailed breakdown of costs. The 2017-2018 accounts are being produced digitally allowing for a more helpful means of explaining costs - see 2016/17 example below.

2016-17 - Expenditure - Sheet 1

2016-17 - Income - Sheet 1