Traffic Calming Advisory Group

1. Traffic Calming Project on Church Road/Church Lane

20mph Speed Limit Approved for Church Lane and Church Road - March 2021

Great news the 20mph scheme for Church Road and Church Lane has been approved by Oxfordshire County Council following the consultation at the end of 2020. This includes all radiating roads. The speed reduction on the Bletchingdon entrance end will stagger down from 60mph to 40mph and then to 20mph at the current village entrance.

The works are expected to begin week commencing 15th April 2021 with new signage. The 20’s Plenty signs have been removed. This has involved a lot of work from the Traffic Advisory Group and the Council thank Eric Bohm, Louise Talbot, Paul Beecroft, Graham Barnett and John Roper for their support in making this happen.

Parish Council Approve Plans for Traffic Calming and Signage Modifications - June 2020

The Parish Council has approved plans proposed by the Traffic Advisory Group and Oxfordshire County Council for the legal change of the speed limit to 20mph on Church Lane/Road. The plans include the new signage required to accommodate a 20mph speed limit on Church Lane/Church Road.

Following the approval, the Parish Council has confirmed to Oxfordshire County Council that they are authorised to carry out a consultation with the village. If the plans are supported by the village through the consultation then work will be prioritised through the contractors and the change in speed limit will come into place.

Plans have also been approved regarding some changes to signage through the village and are separate from the 20mph request. These will enable better signage for the footpath to take people through the churchyard and a de-cluttering exercise around the stocks. This also removes signs that reference Bletchingdon to help reduce any additional flow through as well as give HGV's more notice that the road is not suitable.

Documents and plans relating to the proposals can be found below:

Plans for 20mph speed limit introduction

Signage modifications on the B430/Stocks junction:

Church Lane/Road Traffic Calming Measures Survey - Autumn 2019

A survey on traffic calming options on Church Lane / Church Road was completed by residents of Weston on the Green in August 2019.

A document containing traffic calming options for Church Lane / Church Road was used in conjunction with the survey can be viewed here: Document Detailing Potential Options For Consideration

Following completion of the survey of residents the Traffic Calming Advisory Group (TCAG) collated the overall results. Overall, there were 87 respondents with 24 of these coming from online surveys and it was encouraging to see such a strong turnout and demonstrates the strength of feeling within the village around this subject.

A summary of the survey results is detailed below:

QuestionAgreeDisagreeTotal Number of Respondents% Agree
1. Reduction to 20mph speed limit77108789%
2. Pinch point at village gates66188479%
3. Church Close kerb extension39478645%
4. Dropped kerb at Church gates/Oxford Way46358157%
5. Flashing 20mph sign51318262%
6a. Dropped kerb for Village Pantry55288366%
6b. Zebra crossing at Pantry15668119%
7. Rework B430 Church Road junction46327859%

It was therefore decided that based on the results, the proposal to Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) would include all options except the Zebra crossing at the Village Pantry. This is based on strong positive scoring above. Although the Church Close kerb extension came in below 50% we would like to include it within the proposals so that OCC Highways can review whether it is possible. It would be advantageous to include it as we would then have the option to include it within the scheme. Having consulted with OCC prior to the creation of the survey, we do not believe that we are including any proposals that they or any major consultees would object to.

When making this proposal we will also ask OCC to ensure that any signage, road markings or traffic calming schemes are implemented in conjunction with the themes and policies within the Neighbourhood Plan. This should help to mitigate concerns around over-urbanisation held by some residents.

The next step was to discuss these options with OCC Highways and to gain their support in putting forward this proposal to for application.

2. B430, Northampton Road

Traffic Speed/Volume Survey - September 2019

A speed survey was conducted on B430 between 26th September - 2nd October 2019. The results were quite stark and below are some key headlines:

  • In three years we have seen a combined 28% increase in traffic on Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm with Southbound showing the greatest increase at 40%.
  • We see on average 7,000 vehicles per day vs 6,000 in 2016 with Monday-Friday showing an average of 8,000 vs 6,400 in 2016.
  • On average we see 850 vehicles travelling southbound between 7am and 8am Monday to Friday.
  • On average we see 500 vehicles travelling northbound between 5pm and 6pm Monday to Friday.
All Day5 day average7 day average5 day average7 day average5 day average change7 day average change

7am-7pm5 day average7 day average5 day average7 day average5 day average change7 day average change

The increase in traffic is unsurprising considering the expansion of Bicester and the use of Chesterton and J10-J9 cut throughs. The evidence collected by the survey was used to support the Parish Council's challenge to the recent Great Wolf resort application in Chesterton which proposed using the B430 as the main transport route for guests and deliveries.

The Traffic Group are going to look at the B430 from a speed and calming perspective once they have progressed plans on Church Lane/Church Road.