Parish Council Meetings, Agendas, Papers & Minutes

Parish Council Meeting Dates

The next virtual Parish Council meeting will be held on 2nd December 2020, 7.30pm via Zoom.

Any member of the public is welcome to attend. The Zoom code details for 2nd December 2020 Parish Council meeting are:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 844 8138 0915
Passcode: 111144

Meeting dates for 2021: 6th January, 3rd February, 3rd March, 7th April, 5th May, 2nd June, 7th July, 4th August, 1st September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December.

Parish Council Agenda and Papers

Parish Council meeting papers are issued to Councillors 3 working days before the next meeting.

A copy of the agenda will be available on the parish noticeboard outside the Village Hall and website at this time. A full set of papers is available below.

Plese note that as part of the Council's committment to the environment meeting papers will no longer be printed for Parish Council meetings. If any member of the public would like to obtain a paper version of the meeting papers please contact the clerk on: or 01869 350282.

Date of Parish Council MeetingAgenda Minutes
6th April 2016AgendaMinutes
4th May 2016AgendaMinutes
22nd June 2016AgendaMinutes
6th July 2016AgendaMinutes
7th September 2016AgendaMinutes
5th October 2016AgendaMinutes
2nd November 2016AgendaMinutes
7th December 2016AgendaMinutes
11th January 2017AgendaMinutes
1st February 2017AgendaMinutes
1st March 2017Agenda Minutes
5th April 2017AgendaMinutes
3rd May 2017AgendaMinutes
7th June 2017AgendaMinutes
5th July 2017AgendaMinutes
6th September 2017AgendaMinutes
4th October 2017AgendaMinutes
1st November 2017AgendaMinutes
6th December 2017 AgendaMinutes
10th January 2018AgendaMinutes
25th January 2018AgendaMinutes
Precept calculations
7th February 2018AgendaMinutes
7th March 2018AgendaMinutes
16th March 2018AgendaMinutes
11th April 2018AgendaMinutes
9th May 2018AgendaMinutes
6th June 2018AgendaMinutes
4th July 2018AgendaMinutes
1st August 2018AgendaMinutes
6th August 2018AgendaMinutes
5th September 2018AgendaMinutes
3rd October 2018AgendaMinutes
9th October 2018AgendaMinutes
7th November 2018AgendaMinutes
5th December 2018AgendaMinutes
23rd January 2019AgendaMinutes
6th February 2019AgendaMinutes

6th March 2019

27th March 2019AgendaMinutes
3rd April 2019AgendaMinutes
1st May 2019Agenda


Clerk Report, Neighbourhood Plan Report, Annual Parish Meeting Minutes DRAFT, School Field Report, Planning Update, Playground Report, Works Report, Expressway ReportAnnual PC Meeting: 2019 Finance Report,Code of Conduct
5th June 2019AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, AGAR Return, Internal Auditors Report Response, Internal Auditors Report, Terms of Reference for Advisory Groups: Planning, Works, Finance, Governance, HR, Traffic, Email Policy, Planning Report
3rd July 2019AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Parish Liaison Meeting Report, Expressway Report, Transport AG Report, Planning Report
7th August 2019AgendaMinutes

Clerk Report, Village Meeting Notes, PC Quarterly Accounts: Q1 Summary & Q1 Bank Rec, Report on Renumeration Panel, Planning Report

4th September 2019AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Draft Donations Policy 19/20, Planning, Works Report
10th October 2019AgendaMinutes
:Clerk Report, Neighbourhood Plan, Great Wolf, Quarterly Accounts: Q2 Summary, Q2 Bank Rec, Draft Financial Regulations 19/20, Implications of new Financial Regulations, Childrens Allotment, Noticeboards, Planning Report, Traffic Report, Transport Report
6th November 2019AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Draft Risk Register, Draft Asset Register,Planning Report
2nd December 2019AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Planning Report, Works Report
9th January 2020AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Planning Report, Works Report
5th February 2020AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Quarterly Accounts: Q3 Summary, Q3 Bank Rec, Planning Report, Works Report
4th March 2020AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Planning Report
21st March 2020AgendaMinutes
19th April 2020AgendaMinutes
3rd June 2020AgendaMinutes
Village Concerns, Clerk Report, Neighbourhood Plan Hearing Report, Affordable Housing, End of Year Accounts: Q4 Summary, Q4 Bank Rec, PC Donations Policy, Planning Report
1st July 2020AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Neighbourhood Plan, Affordable Housing, Draft Asset Register, PC Donations Policy, PC Summary of Internal Audit Report, PC Response to Internal Audit Observations Report, AGAR form, Planning Report, Playground Report
5th August 2020AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report, Neighbourhood Plan Report, CDC Parish Liaison Meeting Report, Q1 Finance Summary, Q1 Finance Bank Rec, Planning Report, Playground Report
2nd September 2020AgendaMinutes
Clerk Report,Cherwell Local Plan Report, Planning Report, Playground Report
7th October 2020AgendaMinutes

Clerk Report, Draft PC Budget FY 2021/22. Playing Field & Spinney Purchase:Finance Report, Risk Assessment,Legal Letter, Map. Neighbourhood Plan Report, Affordable Housing Report, Planning Report, North Lane Pond Report, Technology Report, Playground Report

4th November 2020

AgendaDRAFT Minutes

Clerk Report, Affordable Housing Report, Great Wolf Appeal Report, Standing Orders, Risk Register, Financial Regulations, Donation Request, Q2 20201-21 PC Accounts (Summary, Bank Rec), Planning Report, Playground Report

23rd November 2020 - Extraordinary Meeting

AgendaDRAFT Minutes

2nd December 2020

AgendaDRAFT Minutes

Clerk Report, Donation Request, Verge Grass Cutting Report, Verge Grass Cuting Maps, Budget FY 2021-22: (Summary, Breakdown), Planning Report, Playground Report